Associate Program

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Our Associate Program is the link between your Cosmetology degree and your career as an artistic beauty professional. This is an advanced education program in which we will teach you the business skills necessary to earn money predictably with your cosmetology degree while still maintaining your artistic vision and passion.

This structured program is for people that are just out of the school and new to the industry. As an associate, you will be paired with an experienced Educator who has their own clientele and is successful in the business. You will work together not only to refine your technical skills but also to learn the tips and tricks to being successful in the beauty industry.

While in the associate level at Beautique Town & Country you will learn the fundamentals of client and business management that will be the tools that you will use throughout the rest of your professional beauty career. We have tools to help you grow your book and income predictably from day one through all career levels.

The associate program lasts six months and you will be working hands-on during this time. As you become more proficient, you will earn opportunities to start building your business while still in the associate level. The program is structured so that you gain skills to start building your client base and have the opportunity to earn commission within two months.