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Our Service Providers ARE our business and they are the best of the best in the business! We exist to help outstanding service providers achieve their highest potential. We all spend so much of our lives at work - why shouldn’t it be fun?!? Our upbeat team of service professionals have created an environment of enthusiastic individuals in an positive, fast paced environment.

Our tiered pricing system is your road map to success and is based on guests’ demand for a service provider’s time. You may have just graduated from cosmetology school or have twenty years of experience as a master stylist and recently moved to Houston. - either way, you need to create a client base. To help jump start this journey we will set your prices competitively so as to attract the most number of future clients. As you retain these clients and your book becomes more full you will attain your goals, and the prices for your services will increase along with your success. In fact - as you work your way through the interview process we will show you what your potential earnings will be in the next years as you meet your goals.

All service providers are paid a flat rate service commission based on services provided, with no shop charges. This means each night, when you received your emailed summary report for the day you will easily be able to know how much money you have made all by multiplying just two numbers. As you work your way up through the tiers your commission rate increases along with your pricing. Retail commissions can be as high as 20% - no matter where you are in your career. Our owners work full time onsite and meet with all service providers ever month, to ensure you have the information and the tools to develop your business.

Our full and part time positions allow individual employees to maintain that perfect work-life balance, we will work with you to understand what that is for your stage life and career. We are available to our clients seven days a week with both morning and evening hours.

Service Providers can get bogged down without an outstanding group of people around them to maintain cleanliness, facilities, book appointments and serve their guests. Our Guest Service Experts will treat your guests like the VIP’s that they are. Professional bookings, creative scheduling and thinking outside of the box, through the guest experience, our Guest Service Experts assist you to meet your goals and retain guests. Our online booking service permits our guests to book with you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.