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Level System

Our Service Provider’s pricing is based on the amount of demand for their time. The level system is one of the concepts here at Beautique Town and Country. It allows our clients a choice that most other salons don’t offer. Every stylist begins as an apprentice that works through a rigorous training schedule. When they are ready to test out they move on to the salon floor as a stylist. Through their time on the floor they will have the opportunity to Level up.

So what are the benefits of this system? It allows new clients to choose a stylist either based on experience or budget, whichever is most important at that time. It also allows clients to stay with the salon in case they cannot afford the price increase of their current stylist. Since everyone begins with the same education, you can trust that if you need to stay at a price level, you will still receive a quality service.



L’Oreal Professional

Dia Richesse

Dia Light

Inoa (Ammonia Free)